Almond Paneer Cutlet. [Photo: Amar D. Gupta | Siliconeer]

When you need to entertain guests and manage between Silicon Valley’s hectic workload, creative cooking is your answer, writes Chef Sanjay Patel.


• 1 cup paneer
• 1 large potato
• 3 tbsp corn flour or breadcrumbs
• 2 tbsp maida (all purpose flour) made into a paste with 2 tbsp water
• 2 pinch turmeric powder
• 1/3 tsp pepper powder
• salt to taste
• ¾ cup cooking oil
• sliced almonds
• 3 small ground green chili
• 1 in. piece ground ginger
• 1 tsp cumin


Boil and mash the potatoes and set aside. Crumble and shred the paneer.

In a bowl add mashed potato, corn flour, turmeric, salt, pepper, ground paste of ginger, cumin and green chili to the crumbled and shredded paneer. Mix well with hands. Check for salt.

Divide into equal size balls and roll them with little pressure. While doing this coat cutlet with the sliced almonds and flatten it between the palm of your hands.

Heat oil in a frying pan. Once it is medium hot, add the cutlets and fry for 1 minute per side and flip gently fry further for 30 seconds.

Using a slotted spoon remove the cutlet and drain in a paper towel.

Makes a great cocktail snack. Serve hot with ketchup or mint chutney.