Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, SILICONEER, the only full color glossy monthly magazine of its kind, is now in its fifteenth year online and also available in print and mobile devices as a native mobile app. Like most ethnic publications, Siliconeer is distributed free of charge through over 300 South Asian outlets such as major stores, restaurants, temples, community centers and mailed to South Asian businesses throughout U.S.

Almost unique among South Asian publications, Siliconeer gives prominent coverage to communities other than the Indian community as well.

Our online edition attracts visitors from all over U.S. with an archive of about 168 months worth of content. Readers visit us for looking up what’s current as well as archival stories.

Siliconeer is part of the New America Media. New America Media is the country’s first and largest national collaboration of ethnic news organizations. Founded by the nonprofit Pacific News Service in 1996, NAM is headquartered in California, where ethnic media are the primary source of news and information for over half of the state’s new ethnic majority.

Siliconeer is also the only magazine that has all print advertisers and the print edition available online as well at no extra cost to the advertiser, as we believe these innovations help provide our readers and advertisers with a much wider reach.

Siliconeer has participated in marketing campaigns for a host of corporate and local clients namely AT&T, State Farm Insurance, New America Media, Western Union, HSBC Bank, Lufthansa Airlines, Emirates Airlines, American Airlines, Thai Airways, Eva Air, DirecTV, DiamlerChrysler (Mercedes Benz), Dish Network, Citibank, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, MetLife, Prudential, Nationwide, Allstate, Principal Financial Group, Technology Credit Union and County of Santa Clara (Partial List).

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Established: February 2000

Readership: 128,000 (Print & Online)
Online: 45,000 Unique Visitors Monthly. Over 1.8 Million Hits per month. (Details Available in Media Kit)

Space Reservation Deadline: 24th. of every month for the following month’s issue

Materials Deadline: 27th. every month for the following month’s issue

Special Advertising Pages Available: Please confirm at least 14 days prior to scheduled release for final availability


According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Indians are the Second largest Asian American group after the Chinese

Age Group
Over 40% of Asian Indians are between 25-49 years with a median age of 33 years.

Bachelor’s Degree or higher: 65% or more
Asian Indians have the highest educational qualifications of all ethnic groups in U.S.

Skilled Professionals, Management, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Educators

Family Income Range: $50,000 to $400,000
Average Family Income: $85,000 plus

About 70% of Asian Indians are married
Average Family Size: 3 or more

Asian Indians have a good comprehension of English language.
98% of Asian Indians speak some English.
Over 75% are fluent in communicating, reading and writing in English.

Home & Automobile Ownership
Over 50% Own One or More Housing Units
Over 90% Own One or More Cars

Media Preferences
90% of Asian Indians read a South Asian magazine or newspaper simply to keep up with the happenings in the community around them as well as back home on a regular basis. With the Internet and social media, they are bombarded with news and are now looking to read publications that specifically cater to their interests instead of a generalized news site or paper.


PUBLICATION DATE: 5th of every month

PUBLICATION TYPE: Monthly Full Color Glossy Print Magazine, Online Blog & eMagazine and Mobile Magazine.


  • PRINT: Siliconeer is distributed free of charge through over 300 South Asian outlets such as major stores, restaurants, temples, community centers and mailed to South Asian businesses throughout U.S.
  • ONLINE: emailed to e-subscribers (9,000+) in California and elsewhere worldwide.
  • HITS: 1.8 Million Plus per month max.


According to the 2010 U.S. Census, California has the highest number of South Asians in U.S. These include people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The largest among the SOUTH ASIAN ethnicities is INDIAN and it is also the most affluent and educated.


  • Asian Indian: 528,176
  • Bangladeshi: 9,268
  • Bhutanese: 694
  • Nepalese: 5,618
  • Pakistani: 46,780
  • Sri Lankan: 10,240
    [Source: 2010 U.S. Census]

SILICONEER can help clients in many different ways in addition to print and online advertising:

  • Email campaigns: We can offer exclusive email campaigns for our email subscribers
  • Events: Provide timely information and suggestion on participation in major South Asian Community events such as Independence Day, Diwali (Festival of Lights), Holi (Festival of Colors). Each of these events attract a lot of visitors from all South Asian ethnicities.

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Q: List any other publications that you are often compared with. Please explain what differentiates your publication from those titles and why you feel it is a must-buy for our client:

A: Ethnic South Asian publications in California can be broadly divided into two groups: Weekly newspapers and monthly/ quarterly periodicals. The leading newspapers include India West, India Post, India Journal (Los Angeles). The leading periodicals include India Currents (monthly), Little India. Other publications such as Silicon India have minimal visibility and reach.

Siliconeer is unique in the following ways: It is the only glossy full color monthly magazine for South Asians in the West Coast. California alone has over 528,000 Indian Americans, with a vibrant strong and influential presence in the Silicon Valley, which is the heart of our magazine’s targeted audience.

In format, content and design, the magazine stands out head and shoulders over all other publications. In the West Coast, our magazine enjoys particular popularity over Little India because of our focus in developing and offering exclusive local content. High-quality production values mean we cater to only a limited number of premium advertisers, giving our advertisers much greater visibility.

Special issues with exclusive editorial content targeted towards festivals (Diwali, Indian Independence Day, Holi and more) that offer unique exposure to advertisers.

A large number of our Silicon Valley readers have contacts worldwide, who also read our online version. This readership would be an attractive advertising target for attracting tourists.

Q: Detail any special issues and positioning available.

A: We plan special supplements with exclusive editorial content from time to time.

The Independence Day supplement, part of our August issue, will mark the Independence Day of India with special articles.

The Diwali supplement, part of our October/November issue, will celebrate the biggest festival of the Indian American community with special content.

Please note that plans are subject to change. Additional supplements may be planned depending on future events. Please let us know if you want to be informed in advance.

Q: Please detail the geographic breakdown of your publication’s circulation.

A: Siliconeer is distributed in over 300 outlets and community centers in the West Coast with special focus in the Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento.

Q: Please list the ethnic groups reached by your publication and roughly what % of the circulation each represents if more than one.

A: Our publication, being free of charge, reaches 100 percent of the South Asian population in the West Coast either by print, or the mobile app, or via online. The South Asian population includes people of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali and Sri Lankan origin.

Q: We are looking to go beyond just ad pages next year and we would like to get your ideas on added value opportunities and sponsorships that may be available to our clients. This can include events, online opportunities, email/direct mail lists, bonus pages, etc.

A: This is something that we would like to correspond with you in further detail. Here are a few preliminary ideas:

  • Advertorial/ sponsored sections: Siliconeer would be happy to work with you in publishing editorial pieces regarding travel/ business/ event opportunities. We would consider preparing editorial content with your assistance.
    In addition, we have special platinum sponsor/ grand sponsor/ additional sponsor spots (as opposed to regular premium pages) in our supplement section. For an additional surcharge, this will get you exclusive visibility and a editorial mention in our list of special sponsors.
  • Email campaigns: We can offer exclusive email campaigns for our advertisers that reaches to 9,000+ email subscribers.
  • Events: Provide timely information and suggestion on participation in major South Asian Community events such as Independence Day, Diwali (Festival of Lights), Holi (Festival of Colors). Each of these events attract a good number of visitors from all South Asian ethnicities.

If you have any ideas, do feel free to share them with us. Our editorial/advertising department will be happy to explore ideas and work with you on this.