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“The definitive smell of a start-up in the Silicon Valley was of curry.”
— Michael Lewis, The New, New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story
(Penguin Putnam)

That was the story about two decades ago, when we started our journey and continued to grow as the leading South Asian monthly. Today, as the speed of light seems diminishing with the advent of social media, the need for instant gratification has reached new levels. We all want to be in the know about things as they happen, not a week from when they have happened.

Siliconeer covers issues for the South Asian, and primarily, the Indian American community. Our curated stories are simple and accessible for broad appeal.

Be there for the audience – left, right, and center – that’s the new ‘mantra.’

Siliconeer has participated in marketing campaigns for a host of corporate and local clients namely AT&T, State Farm Insurance, New America Media, Western Union, HSBC Bank, Lufthansa Airlines, Emirates Airlines, American Airlines, Thai Airways, Eva Air, DirecTV, DiamlerChrysler (Mercedes Benz), Dish Network, Citibank, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, MetLife, Prudential, Nationwide, Allstate, Principal Financial Group, Technology Credit Union and County of Santa Clara (Partial List).

Additional Information:

Established: February 2000

Readership: 800,000
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Readership Demographics: The South Asian Community

South Asians are highly educated and affluent but at the same time, they are frugal and conscious about how they spend their wealth.

They are very well-connected to their roots even after years of living outside the homeland. An example is the love for Maggi that everyone still shares, and those endless nights of calls to friends and family back home, or the love for Bollywood, some things are etched in stone for us.

For any brand to make their space in any community they have to first embrace that community and keep them engaged.

South Asians included.

Siliconeer can help you reach the community effectively, economically, and repeatedly.

Indian Americans are highly affluent
Indian Americans, a major section of our diverse readership, have surpassed Filipinos as the nation’s second-largest Asian population after Chinese, a testament to their growing presence in mainstream America from corporate boardrooms to TV sitcoms.

  • Population
    According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Indians are the Second largest Asian American group after the Chinese.
  • Age Group
    Over 40% of Asian Indians are between 25-49 years with a median age of 33 years.
  • Education
    Bachelor’s degree or higher: 65% or more
    Asian Indians have the highest educational qualifications of all ethnic groups in U.S.
  • Occupation
    Skilled Professionals, Management, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Educators
  • Income
    Family Income Range: $80,000 to $400,000
    Average Family Income: $185,000 plus
  • Family
    About 70% of Asian Indians are married
    Average Family Size: 3 or more
  • Language
    Asian Indians have a good comprehension of English language.
    98% of Asian Indians speak some English.
    Over 75% are fluent in communicating, reading and writing in English. 
  • Home & Auto Ownership
    Over 50% Own One or More Housing Units
    Over 90% Own One or More Cars
  • Media Preference
    90% of Asian Indians read a South Asian news online, simply to keep up with the happenings in the community around them as well as back home on a regular basis.

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