Aparna Iyer

She has the heart and pulse of a millennial combined with the experience and wisdom of a leader. Aparna is a versatile business executive and entrepreneur whose vision and strategy have helped achieve the goals of many Fortune 500 companies. She leads in a transformational role and drives product initiatives, programs, process and people to outstanding success. She has won many awards in her career including the Rising Star of Technology National Award from Career Communications Group for her excellent contributions. Aparna is also a member of professional organizations like Girl Geek Squad, Women in Product and empowers women by moderating Lean-In Circles. She has mentored many people, both on a professional and personal level.

Raised in a traditional family with strong values and education, Aparna comes from humble beginnings and gives back to the community in many ways. Beyond her professional persona, she is a fun-loving adventurous person of varied interests and carries them out with a smile on her face.

Aparna respects the mountains and often goes hiking on bay area trails. She has summited Mount Whitney and this past summer, hiked the Grand Canyon from the North Rim to South Rim. She believes that the magnanimity of the mountains brings out the best in her and trekking gives her the quiet time to introspect and emerge as a better human being. She also occasionally puts the right hemisphere of her brain to task and exhibits her creativity in her paintings and writings.

This multi-talented person has inspired everyone she has crossed paths with to bring out the best in people with her cheerful and positive attitude.

In her social circles, she is known for her energy levels and ability to be there for everyone who needs her and everything she cares for. When she is not at her day job or on work travels, she is the super mom who is taking her kid to classes, volunteering at events, doing community service, cooking for her friends, traveling with her family and living life to the fullest.

Aparna lives by the motto that life is a marathon not a sprint and its journey is the destination.