Preethy Padman

Preethy Padman is VP of Marketing at Panzura, Partner at SV2 and Investor at Portfolia. She raised $400K in 10 years with My Helping Hands team to support 3000+ children, women, men at orphanages in India. Preethy released the album, Inner Peace to World Peace, which hit Amazon meditation top 100 and also leads Art of Living workshops. She has served on several non-profit boards such as My Helping Hands, Silicon Valley American Marketing Association and BITS Alumni Association in Silicon Valley.

I believe in every woman’s heart there is a calling to realize her true potential. In doing so, each woman transmits this priceless gift to her family, community, and, ultimately, the world. I was fortunate to realize my calling at a young age and it has shaped me to be who I am today. My calling is technology leadership, community service and peace facilitation. I was born and raised in India. My mother was divorced when she was pregnant with me. In India, divorce carries a strong social stigma, and being a single mother makes it tremendously worse. Yet, my mother fought against all odds to provide me a good education and a nurturing environment. I saw my mother’s determination in these dire circumstances and built the courage to bravely face any obstacle in life. I bring my inner strength to any situation and motivate people around me to succeed in their endeavors. Over the past 19 years, I grew my career from Software Engineer, to Product Manager, to Senior Product Marketing Manager, to Director of Business Operations, to Director of Marketing, and now a VP of Marketing at a fast-growing tech startup in Silicon Valley. Over the past 10 years I have mentored 30+ women through programs organized by Leading Women in Technology, Everwise, Women Unlimited or through personal connections. I believe that women need to uplift each other and pay it forward in order to build a strong foundation for future women leaders. I take a personal interest to help women address work-life challenges, capitalize on career growth opportunities and ultimately increase the number women in leadership roles and top management