U.S. President Donald Trump walks in a corridor of the White House to greet visitors, while a portrait of Hillary Clinton hangs on the wall, March 7, in Washington, D.C . (Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images)

@Siliconeer #Siliconeer #SiliconValley #IndianAmerican #SiliconeerEditorialMay2017 #DonaldTrump #NikkiHaley #AjitPai #SeemaVerma #RamReddy #BalaMuraliKrishna #FirdosSheikh #FirstRoboticsCompetition #SJSU #Tiecon #TiESV @TIECON @TIESV – Desis are the most visible ethnic minority in the Trump administration, but South Asians shouldn’t celebrate, warns Ashfaque Swapan. TiEcon celebrates 25 years of entrepreneurship this year, Ram Reddy talks about the future directions ahead of TiEcon 2017. A new book by Bala Murali Krishna reflects on Bangalore startups and the challenges they face. Robots have officially taken over at the First Robotics Competition.

Desis have become the most visible ethnic minority of the Trump administration – snagging up top posts like the UN envoy, chair of FCC and head of Medicare and Medicaid Services. Time to uncork the champagne? Not so fast, writes Ashfaque Swapan.

Talking about new directions, Ram K. Reddy, president of TiE Silicon Valley discussed TiE’s Silver Jubilee, what was accomplished, and his vision for TiE’s future, in an interview with Siliconeer.

Overall, it might be reasonable to believe Bangalore is losing ground within the country and in global rankings as well. For those familiar with the city, it might be easy to guess why – the city’s growing infrastructure woes. But let’s keep it a guess for now. Siliconeer presents excerpts from a new book by Bala Murali Krishna.

Relations between India and Pakistan, two nuclear-tipped South Asian neighbors, have dipped to a new low with Pakistan’s sudden announcement of the award of death sentence to Kulbhushan Jadhav, writes Priyanka Bhardwaj.

Actor Abhay Deol has spoken out against top stars such as Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone endorsing fairness creams. Are our top stars being “racist” by backing a distorted mindset that fair is superior? Are they appealing to a baser instinct that differentiates humans based on the color of their skin? Is this distasteful post truth advertising? Not quite, writes Siddharth Srivastava.

Practicing neurologist Dr. Firdos Sheikh of Sacramento, Calif., received an award from Shabana Azmi at the Indian Academy Awards. She recalls her awe at first hearing about the award. Indian women in America continue to hold their mettle and grow by their glorious accomplishments in diverse fields and have raised the bar of excellence just by their sheer tenacity, commitment and hard work, says Dr. Firdos Sheikh.

If you have watched the move “Wall-E” you would agree, it is not long before robots will be replacing most of what humans do today. At the 2017 First Robotics Competition, Silicon Valley Regionals, the goal for a robot was to deliver as many balls as the robot could from a basket to an “airship” where the participants stand. Points are awarded to those who get most balls and have the least malfunctions. A photo essay by Siliconeer youth editor Vansh A. Gupta.