Somya Munjal is a social entrepreneur whose work focuses on youth education and economic empowerment. As an advocate for the creation of a fair economy based on conscious transacting, education reform and resource redistribution, Somya believes that poverty can be eradicated through equal opportunity and economic and entrepreneurial education. 

Learning Marketplace, a new education technology platform that was launched this past October, is shifting the landscape of education by providing conscious, engaging and effective learning tools for children and teens.

The platform is a virtual hub for experiential K-12 education products that focus on expanding the decision-making capabilities of its young target demographic through brain and heart development.

With studies showing that globally 1.8 billion youth are constantly immersed in technology, Learning Marketplace presents a modern approach that was built to fit within the scope of this cultural shift. The programs available on the platform are designed by a stellar community of global educators, and are created to correlate to the new cognitive processes and learning preferences of today’s youth.

The 34-year-old Indian-American change-maker and social entrepreneur who headed up the launch and production of the project, Somya Munjal, is driven by a quest for the economic empowerment of all and the disruption of the wealth gap, through a primary focus on optimizing youth potential. “The prefrontal cortex of the brain gets developed by the age of 25”, Munjal reasons.

She explains that exposing youth to heart-centered, socially conscious ideas, and modes of living and doing business – rather than trying to redirect already solidified belief systems in those who are older – generates greater possibility for a brighter future. “We want our future world leaders to be sincere humans that lead themselves and their communities well”, Munjal adds.

Munjal built Learning Marketplace with friends Waseem Gorgi and Phil Callahan. The platform is powered by Youthful Savings, a social enterprise she founded, which specializes in the creation of entrepreneurial and financial tech education tools created to foster social change through youth empowerment. Several web courses and apps have been launched under the Youthful Savings umbrella, with Learning Marketplace being its latest major project.

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