Salman Khan (c), Bobby Deol (2nd from l), Jacqueline Fernandez (r), Romanian singer Lulia Vantur (2nd from r) and Daisy Shah during music launch of “Race 3”, in Mumbai, June 1. (Press Trust of India)

“Race 3” director Remo D’Souza has admitted that there were some “glitches” in the script.

Remo believes their decision to not show the leading man in a grey role, which was the case in the previous films, may have gone against them.

“When Shiraz Ahmed wrote the script it had the grey role. ‘Race’ franchise is about grey characters but we can’t show Salman in grey character and other things were also happening. Because of all that.. It just went little..,” Remo told PTI.

The film may have been panned by the critics but it did good business at the box office, said Remo.

“If it was a disaster then it wouldn’t have done Rs 180 crore business and Rs 300 crore worldwide. I am still trying to come to terms to it and concentrating on my next film,” he added.

The first two films in “Race” franchise was headlined by Saif Ali Khan, whose character has shades of grey.

But with the third installment the producers roped in Salman in the lead role while Remo replaced Abbas-Mustan as the director.

“Entertainment-wise we had great action, songs, 3D, etc. People loved the action but then suddenly trolls started. The action was done by people who are masters in action… Story wise I agree there were glitches. But I have seen worst films becoming a hit,” Remo said.

The action sequences in Abu Dhabi were choreographed by Tom Struthers, who has previously worked on movies like “Inception,” “The Dark Knight” and “Dunkirk.”

The director said he has learnt that script is very important and it should be locked before one begins shooting.

“You should be ready with the script then only you should shoot, not think that the release date has been announced and let’s shoot it and we will make the script.”

Asked if the script was modified during the shoot, he said, “There were few changes that happened during the shoot. The script got modified after Salman came on board.”

The “ABCD” director said after the release, Salman came to his house and said, ‘It is ok’. He asked me what was I worried about? He was like the film is earning money and I should be happy as it did well than my last directorial venture.’

Remo said he and Salman are still kicked about collaborating for a dance-based film “Dancing Dad,” which was supposed to be their first project together.

“I spoke to him two days ago. We both are busy with our respective projects. I will take time and make this film. It’s a beautiful script. It was this film that I first wanted to do with Salman but ‘Race 3’ happened.”

Remo is returning as a super judge in “Dance +4,” to be aired on Star Plus.