Pooja Batra (Gabor Ekecs)

One Under the Sun features a star-studded cast that includes former Miss India Pooja Batra in her first starring role. – @siliconeer #siliconeer #Hollywood @PoojaBatra #PoojaBatra #OneUndertheSun #GeneFarber #AvaCantrell #MichaelKeeley @gravitasventures @GravitasVOD

Batra plays astronaut and Mars mission commander, ‘Kathryn Voss,’ in One Under the Sun.

Following a catastrophic shuttle accident as the crew returns to Earth, Voss is the only survivor and emerges completely unscathed, with no memory of the event, and with an extraordinary gift. Voss simply wants to be reunited with her husband and terminally ill daughter one last time. Instead, she’s sequestered in a secret government facility, forcing her to become a fugitive from a government that fears her gift, what she represents, and seeks to eliminate the truth no matter what the cost.

Pooja Batra with Ava Cantrell and Gene Farber. (Gabor Ekecs)

Throughout the film, Voss is an agent of change that endeavors to help mankind learn, evolve and reach their full potential, free of world constantly on the brink of war. The movie explores concepts ranging from self-sacrifice and human dynamics to altruistic goals, and encompasses discovery of the Higgs boson that’s been dubbed the “God particle.”

Pooja Batra with Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla. (Gabor Ekecs)

The film issues a thought provoking concept – “Imagine a day without war.”

One Under the Sun has received critical acclaim at prestigious film festivals around the world. The movie co-stars Gene Farber of Captain America: Civil War fame in the Marvel Comic franchise; Ava Cantrell, star of Lights Out; and awarding-winner actor, Michael Keeley.

Pooja Batra with Krushna Abhishek, Kashmera Shah and Reggie Benjamin. (Gabor Ekecs)

Produced by Sunny Vachher (P.G.A.) and directed by Vincent Tran and Riyaana Hartley, the cinematic sensation was filmed entirely in Los Angeles, Calif. Marvel Comics legend, Stan Lee, noted that “One Under the Sun brings audiences on an emotional journey and challenges their notions of war.”

Pooja Batra with Gary Churchwell, Angelic Granger, Kashmera Shah and director Vincent Tran. (Gabor Ekecs)

The film premiered in the U.S. at Regal LA Live Cinemas, Feb. 25 and will release digitally March 21 by Gravitas Ventures.