(L-r): Priyanka Chopra at a promotional event of her Marathi production “Kay Re Rascalaa” in Mumbai, July 14. (Mitesh Bhuvad/PTI). Madhuri Dixit performs at the “Umang” Mumbai Police Show 2017 in Mumbai, Jan. 21. (AFP/Getty Images)

Priyanka Chopra, July 14, refused to confirm if she was co-producing a TV series with Madhuri Dixit-Nene.

Priyanka said she has been working on developing a lot of content.

There were reports that Priyanka was co-producing an American TV show along with Madhuri which would air on ABC channel.

When asked about it, Priyanka told reporters, “I am developing a lot of things, as soon as I finalize something, I will definitely share it with you all (but) nothing is finalized yet.

“I have spent about a year developing a lot of things, as I said, in Hindi, in English and regional. I want to tell a lot of stories, digitally. There are many opportunities, which direction I’ll pick, I’ll share with you when things are finalized,” she added.

The sitcom is reportedly about a Bollywood superstar who settles down in the suburbs with her bi-cultural family and brings her Technicolor point of view to the otherwise mundane town.

Priyanka was speaking at a special event of her upcoming Marathi production “Kay Re Rascala.”