In the age of social media, it is not surprising that a festival of literature has hopped on to the digital platform with Amazon partnering with Leapvault, a knowledge media firm, to announce, Sept. 22, the first virtual literary festival in India.

Called ‘Kindle LitFestX’, the festival is scheduled from Oct. 23 to Nov. 1 and will see participation by authors like Ashwin Sanghi, Raghav Bahl, R.A. Mashelkar and Deepa Prahalad.

The event will leverage digital platforms including YouTube Live, Google Hangout, Facebook, Twitter, amongst others, to offer an interactive experience for readers and authors including book readings and virtual book launches.

“The focus is to encourage and inspire readers and non-readers across geographies to read, discuss and debate on a common platform,” organizers said

Sanjeev Jha, director, Kindle Content, said, “Kindle LitFestX celebrates the love of reading. We look forward to creating a unique platform with something for every reader and author through India’s first virtual literary extravaganza.”

The event has been billed as the new age global literary platform.

Kumaar Bagrodia, CEO, Leapvault, said he wanted to “create a platform that would provide an opportunity for people across India and abroad to get access to literary works and thinkers in a format that this generation understands and are comfortable with: digital and social.

“Kindle is a great digital experience for readers and we are excited about our partnership with Kindle for the inaugural season of LitFestX,” he said.