Naveli Garg

Naveli Garg is a high school senior, an avid public speaker, poet, dancer, and aspiring Psychology college student. After visiting an orphanage in 2012, she created CharityDress, an organization focused on addressing the clothing and education issue in India. Since then they have dressed 1000+ kids in India, Tanzania, USA, and Mexico and tutored 80 kids in India. She raised awareness and funds by speaking at local events, temples and conferences like the Wharton’s Social Impact conference, and funded it by securing charitable donations, winning LinkedIn’s Transformation Grant and Diamond Challenge competition, teaching creative thinking workshops and dance classes.

Over the years, she has visited several prisons, slums and schools for handicapped and underprivileged kids. While conducting STEM workshops at Dharavi, India, she witnessed a young nature enthusiast shunning the biology book, the page open to a tedious description of tree parts. She wrote down “Trees,” “Planes” and “Moon” on cards, asked kids to pick one, and had them experience related virtual reality videos on her phone. Kids called this experience their “Eye to the World.” The earlier disengaged kids were now buzzing with questions and hypotheses on growing trees and riding planes. She is now prototyping an “Eye to World” mobile app to bring visual & experiential learning experiences to these kids, with the goal to inspire them towards education.

She continues to march forward on her belief that in today’s world, education and clothing should be a fundamental right, not a privilege.

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