Paramita Bhattacharyya (Photo courtesy: Samantha)

A passion to perform and create an ethereal world. It’s not only a success story but the saga of a fabulous journey. Success is not the ultimate aim but a way of life for Paramita Bhattacharyya. The passion for Kathak nudges her to inch forward and perform her best. She has continued to carry on the legacy of a great dance form from India to the other part of the globe, writes Abira Ghosh. – @Siliconeer #Siliconeer #Kathak #SanFranciscoBayArea #ParamitaBhattacharyya

Indian classical Kathak dance has always been mesmerizing the world with its magical appeal. There have been performers and mentors practicing this dance from time immemorial who have evolved the dance to the present forms in India and abroad.

Paramita Bhattacharyya has taken the great responsibility to cater to the global audience and telltale the glorious saga of India’s rich heritage. She is a well-accomplished dancer in her chosen field of Kathak. Her devotion and perseverance in her craft has really woven magic and created an aura of her identity.

She has always followed her dreams and already had set her steps to give it a shape. Paramita’s dance career commenced under the wings of the able mentor, Pandit Shantiranjan Maitra, which was followed under Pandit Brojen Mukherjee and Pandit Ashimbandhu Bhattacharya. After that her dance was honed even more with the greatest Kathak maestro of India, the legendary Padmavibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj and his senior most disciple Smt. Sushri Saswati Sen.

Ancient India was spectator to the drama enacted by the Kathakars who narrate stories from epics to the contemporary events and the tales of the great kings and sages.

Paramita is working hard to carry the responsibilities as a kathakar, the story teller, to share the Indian epics and traditional Kathak technique with her audience and make a cultural exchange between Indian and non-Indian people while living in the U.S.

She is surely making her identity felt as a combination of traditional classical and the contemporary dancer.

In India, Paramita had been a part of quiet a number of prominent projects and performed in various prestigious and culturally renowned stages including India International Center, Kamani Auditorium, Madhu Sudan Mancha, Kala Mandir, Raichak Fort, Gyan Manch, Pondicherry Aurobindo Society to name just a few.

Paramita Bhattacharyya (Photo courtesy: Samantha)

Audience watched her as dancer, performer and anchoring the art form in the theatre group Rangakarmi, in productions of Padatik Dance Academy, and the National TV Delhi Doordarshan in India.

She has enthralled her audience by grace and artistic presentation through performances in Los Angeles, and the east coast of U.S., including her recent participation along with the legendary Kathak maestro Pandit Birju Maharaj’s group in the biggest and most prestigious annual Bengali cultural event, NABC 2016, at the Madison Square Garden, New York, in the presentation of traditional Kathak technique – ‘Laya Parikrama’ and an incredible show of English classic ‘Romeo Juliet’ enacted through Kathak.

Paramita well establishes her extensive footwork that is laden with ‘Ghungroos’ as well as identifies herself as the character she portrays through ‘Abhinaya.’

Right from the beginning of her training in Lucknow Gharana Kathak style to maturing herself into an artiste has definitely flourished her expertise level which is seen through all her Kathak presentations. Her rapid movements in ‘nritta’ is excellently timed to the musical beats while her ‘katha’ achieves a high when she pours her heart into the storytelling of ancient mythology through dance.

She continues to work on the dance form, now in the U.S., through her performances and research in more variations and fusion of Kathak with western performing arts. She also wishes to work on fusion of classical and contemporary dance.

Her Western and Eastern fusion too should be equally enriching the Indians in India and abroad as she visualizes her work with a constant evolution that gives Kathak a global acceptance.

We do wish the best for Paramita to bask in the glory of her success and shine in the aura created by herself.