Siliconeer is proud to announce the much-awaited upgrade of our Mobile App – Siliconeer 2.0. – #siliconeer #SiliconValley #Apple #Facebook #GooglePlay

A cup of coffee and your smartphone, you’re all set to take on the world … in the comfort of your favorite couch.

If that sounds enticing, Siliconeer invites all readers to try out our new release, the Siliconeer 2.0 app for Apple and Android devices.

The new app has a completely redesigned interface, 17 years of content, and an opportunity to make news at your thumb tips. Signed users can now add pictures, videos and stories of instant happenings to the app in real time.

We invite all readers to explore more at Siliconeer 2.0.

Happy Holidays from the entire Siliconeer team.