Paramita Bhattacharyya (Photo courtesy: Ivan)

Dancing is not only a passion but, for Paramita, is a journey into the self. She believes a dancer travels through her body, mind and emotion, explores new dimensions, new routes, and diverse processes to let these parts travel through space and time. She believes Kathak is a stimulus that affects the body in its entirety and communicates with the mind. Creating Classical Kathak Productions and also working on the contemporary dance based on this classical framework of Kathak keeps Paramita busy for her new project where innovation meets tradition, writes Amit Karmakar. – @Siliconeer #Siliconeer #Kathak #SanFranciscoBayArea #LosAngeles #ParamitaBhattacharyya

The Valley in Los Angeles, enchanted “Madhuradhipate” as we see Kathak danseuse Paramita Bhattacharyya presenting the audience with the Krishna Vandana “Madhurashtakam” and describes the divine power with all his beauty.

She left the audience awestruck with her splendid performance and expressive evocations of Krishna’s childhood, one involving an effortless transformation from a naughty little boy stealing butter to the divine beauty, philosopher and guide, the deity Lord Krishna. Her narrative about the performance at the beginning presents the audience with the meaning of the poetry while connecting the scenes with each stage of “Krishna Leela” and his divine power.

Once again Paramita proves with her gestural clarity, intricate hand movements, and highly theatrical facial expressions, that she has a commanding technique in Kathak and that the rich dance form, with all its classical existence, is truly a storytelling idiom. Adding to that, is her fast footwork and even faster pirouettes makes it complete.

Now again when rehearsals are in full swing for her upcoming project to showcase traditional “Kathak Technique” we get a glimpse of her strictness for achieving perfection. In all presentations, it is a must for Paramita to notice and work towards each and every inch of correctness and neat presentation.

Just after finishing a demonstration video for Kathak lovers at the “Dance Channel TV Studios” at the heart of Ventura county, Calif., she is now all set to prepare for the next production and fulfilling all aspect of it, right from the costume design appropriate for the specific presentation to the actual stage striking.

Paramita is excited about her next project in an effort to choreograph in Kathak a dance drama based on the philosophical aspect of the creation of the universe following the work of Sri Aurobindo, the Indian Nationalist and Philosopher.

Being a Kathak performer and trainer, Paramita is elegant always in portraying any character with her skills of ‘abhinaya’ and finely honed expressions. She practices to incarnate multiple personalities from the great Indian epics and creates the dance with its full potential of becoming a complete dynamic theater.

Paramita explains further that even the walk of the dancer brings purity into each narrative. The background music, in vocal or orchestral form, joins together the story that is accompanied by ‘aharya,’ the artist’s accessories and makeup.

She is devoted to this art form and loses herself to the music in a euphoria that perhaps no one can feel unless they are on the stage and moving their feet in patterns of various footwork.

While at one side Paramita believes in the richness and the strong historical background of the classical Kathak dance that has “established” its presence and proved its “impact” on global art and culture, then on the other side she is also very open and liberal to welcome the constant need to “exploring” new versions of dance to blend together and reach out to more audience as change being the only constant.

We look forward to another vibrant, colorful and dynamic presentation with Paramita and Kathak and create a magical ambience.