Interior view of the 2017 Volvo S90 AWD sedan.

There are a lot of crazy and inattentive drivers out there, and if any of that mayhem on the roadways worries you, you should envelope yourself in the equivalent of a motoring fortress. That fortress could easily be a Volvo, any Volvo, writes our automotive editor Sally Miller Wyatt. – @Siliconeer #Siliconeer #2017VolvoS90AWD #Volvo #VolvoS90 #Lifestyle #LuxurySedan

These cars are so jam-packed with safety features, on top of immense structural strength, that you can ride in total peace of mind. To this add swiftly responsive engines and transmissions, on an array of models as both sedans and SUVs designed to match your family’s motoring needs.

And now, for those who crave top-of-the-line enhancements, Volvo offers a brand-new model for 2017 – a luxury sedan. It’s the S90 model, and it was only introduced last December, at the same time Volvo rolled out its luxury SUV, the XC90.

Exterior view of the 2017 Volvo S90 AWD sedan.

I get it that some people just have to be surrounded by creature comforts, but I also believe that Volvos are basically top-of-the-line anyway, because of the manufacturer’s devotion to safety. In fact, Volvo has something called Vision 2020, which states that no one should be killed or injured in a new Volvo by 2020, through safety-first technologies and highly advanced semi-autonomous features. Safety has always been my major focus, as “Mom’s Taxi,” and as a parent and everyday driver. I have for many years appreciated the cutting-edge safety technology that Volvo already rolls out with every model year and redesign. As consumers, we all win.

So, to add a luxury sedan to the line-up is a cherry on top, I suppose.

On the S90 model, you’ll find three engine choices: an award-winning four-cylinder 2.0 liter turbocharged and supercharged T6 engine, the turbocharged T5 variant, and the clean and powerful T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid. We drove the T6 version, which was paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. Smooth and swift acceleration was prominent.

Exterior view of the 2017 Volvo S90 AWD sedan.

Those safety features start with a “City Safety” Low-Speed Collision Avoidance System, and a Pedestrian & Cyclist & Large Animal Detection system. Now, anyone who has driven around in San Francisco will appreciate that. There’s also Run-Off Road Protection and Lane Departure Notification, which alerts you with a shuddering steering wheel if you are drifting, and then a host of airbags in the usual places. Whiplash protection on the headrests means the headrests move forward in the event of a rear collision, cutting down on whiplash injuries. Road Sign Information is a feature that flashes a speed limit sign representing the speed limit where you are currently driving, onto the windshield directly in front of the driver. It’s placed alongside an image of your current speed and is a constant reminder to slow down for those who tend to speed.

Exterior view of the 2017 Volvo S90 AWD sedan.

The dashboard has been significantly de-cluttered of buttons and dials, through the Sensus Connect Touchscreen. This dashboard center-mounted screen has drop down menus for everything from adjusting how warm you want the steering wheels and seats to be, to what radio stations you want to listen to. It also has a WiFi Hotspot and navigation system. Bluetooth Handsfree with Audio Streaming is also on board. When you put the car in reverse, the screen lights up with images from HD cameras, clearly depicting what may be behind and to the sides of you. People who love top-end technology will love delving into all that Sensus Connect system can offer, in terms of customizing your driving experience.

View of the Sensus Touchscreen in the 2017 Volvo S90 AWD sedan.

Luxury features include leather seats that are heated and adjustable 10 ways, four-zone climate controls so even the back seat passengers can customize their heating and cooling desires, walnut wood inlays for visual appeal, and a power moon roof with sunshades.

On the road, we found the ride smooth, quiet and elegant. Visibility to the front and sides is good, and can be made better to the rear by dropping down the head rests if you don’t have passengers back there. There is plenty of leg and headroom throughout and the trunk is very good sized.

Parents spend a lot of time on the road, and there are a lot of hazards out there, whether they be weather or driver related. Why not shuttle around your precious cargo in a fortress lined in creature comforts? It will make the daily grind so much more tolerable.