Aptly named “Girggit” or chameleon, this clothing brand changes colors based on surrounding

Clothes based on your favorite television series will soon be passé with the recent launch of a new T-shirt range that change color and pattern as you move into the sunlight from indoors. – @Siliconeer #Siliconeer #Girggit #fashion

A brainchild of indigenous clothing brand ‘Girggit,’ the unique collection of men’s t-shirts, “change their designs and colors with exposure to sunlight.”

“The same T-shirt looks different in design and colors when the person shifts from indoor to the outdoor environment and vice versa. It almost seems magical,” the brand says.

One of the T-shirts, for instance, has a sketch of a girl lazing around besides a boy playing with a joystick on a white background. The illustration is topped with the text, “Your Tee Has No Color.”

However, as soon as it is exposed to light, the sketch becomes colorful and another text, “What Say Now?” pops up below the drawing.

According to the brand the idea behind bringing out this range is to cater to the section of customers looking to “wear something out of the box.”

In an added advantage of this one-of-a-kind venture that blends quirk and fashion, a single T-shirt from the collection serves as two T-shirts, says Himanshu Thakur, who has founded the start-up.

“As the design and colors of the T-shirt change with the change in location, a consumer pays for one but buys two different products in the real sense. It is a new concept and people are loving it,” he says.

The collection which is currently limited to men’s wear, has been designed by the brand’s “ingenious team of young fashion designers.”