Aamir Khan celebrates his 51st birthday at his residence in Mumbai, Mar. 14. (Press Trust of India)

Aamir Khan celebrates his 51st birthday at his residence in Mumbai, Mar. 14. (Press Trust of India)

Aamir Khan, who faced flak for his comments on intolerance, defined patriotism as being “sensitive” towards society and having love in your heart, Mar. 14. (#Bollywood, #AamirKhan, @AamirKhan, #Siliconeer, @Siliconeer, #Dangal, #3idiots, #Lagaan, #MangalPandey, #India)

Aamir, who starred in films like “Lagaan,” “Mangal Pandey” and “Rang De Basanti,” said for him patriotism means helping the society and people to improve their lives.

“For patriotism, it is necessary to have love in your heart, sensitivity towards the society and people. That is patriotism for me.”

Aamir’s remarks on growing intolerance in the country had evoked sharp reactions last year.

The actor, who turned 51, Mar. 14, said no matter what he does, certain people will always raise questions against him.

“What I feel is majority of the audience knows me. My relationship with them has been of over 27 years. So the people who question me are already biased against me. No matter what I do they will question,” Aamir said.

The “PK” star said he avoids negativity and instead focuses on positive aspects.

“I don’t react to that. No matter who you are, what you do in life people raise question on you, doubt you. The only thing is you should not be negative. You should be positive and be aware of what you’re doing.

“Your conscience should be clear, you should focus on your positivity and people’s positivity towards you. Most of the people are positive. But negative people shout a lot so we hear negative things a lot. Negative people are few in number but since they shout we feel there are too many.”

Aamir’s statement last November that he was “alarmed” by a number of incidents and that his wife Kiran Rao even suggested that they should leave the country had caused a nationwide outrage.

After the controversy broke out over his remarks, Aamir had clarified that neither he nor his wife had any intention of leaving the country.

The Bollywood star, who has partnered with the BJP-led state government to improve the water crisis situation in Maharashtra, also appealed to people to have a dry Holi this year.

“I was on born on Holi. So, I request everyone to use minimum water. If they don’t use any water then great. Have a dry Holi, please value water.”

When asked whether he will join politics, Aamir said he can contribute socially towards nation building as an actor.

“There are many film stars who have entered politics, Shatrughan Sinha, Raj Babbar, even Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) was there. I feel every man has a passion towards work. Some people have a political bent. So people who are passionate about politics should enter it. People who are not passionate but want to enter into politics because they’re famous, (that) is wrong.

“I can contribute something socially so I don’t need to enter into politics. As a celebrity I can contribute socially towards nation building.”

Aamir Khan with wife Kiran Rao at the screening of “Kapoor and Sons” in Mumbai, Mar. 15. (Press Trust of India)

Aamir Khan with wife Kiran Rao at the screening of “Kapoor and Sons” in Mumbai, Mar. 15. (Press Trust of India)

Aamir, who cut the birthday cake in the presence of media, said, “My biggest wish is not the success of ‘Dangal,’ but to buy my mom her childhood home in Varanasi.

I want her to experience her childhood home and want her to revisit the place.”

The superstar said he was thinking about buying the house in Varanasi since a long time.

“I was thinking about buying the house and thought if I could request those people living there… It would make me very happy, if I could have a home in Banaras,” he said.

Calling Varanasi “extremely beautiful and historic,” Aamir said he can’t wait to have a house there.

“I’ve been to Assi Ghat. Varanasi is beautiful and a historic place. So, If I get a home there, my mom’s home there, that will give me the biggest happiness. Let’s hope it happens,” he said.

Sporting a white T-shirt and a moustache, Aamir flew down this morning from the U.S. His wife Kiran Rao and son wished him first on his special day.

“I haven’t slept yet. I was in a 32-hour flight. I was with Azaad (son) and Kiran (wife) in the morning when I came home. Azaad made this T-Shirt for me and Kiran got it printed.

That’s his gift for me. Kiran and Azaad, they both wished me first,” the “3 Idiots” actor said.

Aamir said he will spend his birthday with family members.

Revealing that he quit smoking this year on January 1, the actor said his birthday resolution is to try new things.

He is currently shooting for his sports biopic “Dangal,” which is set for this Christmas release on December 23.