A community and resource portal with advice from vetted experts on all things marriage, announced its official launch. The site, Marriage.com was founded by Los Angeles entrepreneurs and couple, Sameer and Malini Bhatia. – #Siliconeer, @Siliconeer, #Marriagedotcom, #MaliniBhatia, #gettingmarried, @marriagedotcom, society, #SameerBhatia

“Our culture adores the thrill of dating, the glamor of wedding planning, and the thrill of becoming a parent,” says Malini Bhatia, co-founder & CEO. “But with nearly 50% of marriages ending in divorce, it’s clear that there needs to be a resource that provides expert advice and a dedicated community for the many unique challenges of a long, healthy marriage—the good times and the bad. Marriage.com creates an aggregated resource for couples, regardless of their stage of marriage.”

The core offering of Marriage.com comes from its many articles and posts from over 100 qualified professionals: licensed therapists, counselors, psychologists, and doctors. This content is drilled down into categories that span all stages of marriage, including advice before marriage, for newlyweds, for long-term couples, for couples in crisis, and for couples seeking healthy dissolution.

This also includes legal advice across marriage law, family law, and divorce law. Other features include a community forum for discussion, interactive quizzes, and regularly updated blog covering recent news and timely topics.

Malini Bhatia, founder & CEO of Marriage.com.

Malini Bhatia, founder & CEO of Marriage.com.

“In today’s instant gratification society, people have easy access to so many things: social media communication, streaming video, matchmaking, even ‘one-swipe affairs.’ Yet, people are less happy than ever before,” says Malini Bhatia. “Society still yearns for deep commitment and intimate connection that only marriage can bring. Marriage.com provides the resources and expertise necessary to help couples build that connection—or maintain it, heal it, or even rediscover it.”

Malini Bhatia is founder & CEO of Marriage.com, a community of experts that acts as your advisors by providing information & support for healthy, happy marriages.

Her passion for supporting people through the journey of building and sustaining positive, healthy relationships, combined with her business acumen, inspired the creation of Marriage.com.

She has past experience in the PR and communications industries and has worked with companies in the tech, healthcare and non-profit sectors. Malini is a postgraduate in international business management and holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters.

Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Malini, 37, lived in New Delhi.

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