Rita Sahai

Bay Area composer, singer and teacher of Hindustani classical music, Rita Sahai, has received yet another distinguished award. – @Siliconeer @RitaSahai #RitaSahai #Culture #Music #HindustaniClassicalMusic #UCDavis @UCDavis @GlobalMusicAwards @SFSU #GlobalMusicAwards #SFSU

“Jiyaa ki Pyaas” (Inner Thirst), a selection from “Jalaranjani – The Moods of Water,” has won Global Music Award honors and a Bronze Medal in the World Music category.

“Jalaranjani – The Moods of Water,” was a stunning Hindustani choral concert performed in Fremont, Calif., Nov. 21, 2015 by Rita Sahai and her Vasundhara Choir. All of the songs were about attuning to the different moods of water; the journey of life. (Music available at ritasahai.com)

Rita Sahai has also been appointed as director of the North Indian Vocal Ensemble at San Francisco State University’s School of Music. Hindustani-style vocal classes at SFSU for Spring 2017 start in January, introducing the melodic and rhythmic concepts that shape North India’s classical musical tradition.

Sahai also held a similar post at UC Davis for many years, where she is Director of the Hindustani Vocal Ensemble. At UC Davis, students learn the basics of Hindustani music theory through group singing. Students learn five ragas per term through scale practice, short compositions and improvisation.

Sahai is a renowned disciple of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, noted for her unique role as composer, vocalist and educator. “Khan Sahib,” as she affectionately calls her guru, has awarded her with the title “Gayan Alankar” (Jewel of Music).