Your mortgage payment is your largest monthly expense. AEM Loan has a few tips to assist you in reducing your monthly mortgage and interest payment over the life of loan, writes Semin Valani. – @Siliconeer #Siliconeer #mortgage #AEMLoan #SeminValani

Refinance – With interest rates still low, you may be able to benefit by refinancing your mortgage:

  • Lower monthly mortgage payment
  • Lower interest payment
  • Fixed – Interest Rate

Pay Little Extra Each Month – Additional money you pay each month reduces the balance of your principal, which is the actual amount you owe on the house. Additional payment that goes toward principal now, makes a huge difference in the years ahead.

Make One Extra Payment Each Year – Easiest way to save money on mortgage is by making an extra payment each year. Extra payments are applied to loan principal, not interest. Your remaining loan balance drops and you will not have to pay interest each month on that principal for remainder of the loan period.