MathAndCoding is a high school students-run organization in San Francisco Bay Area. It was founded in 2014 by three high schoolers to teach coding to kids. Since then, it has expanded to 25+ libraries and community centers across the Bay Area.

Recently, Anika Cheerla, co-founder of MathAndCoding explained enthusiastically about all the new ventures they are taking in. Although the name suggests that they focus only on Coding and Math, they have ventured into Physics/Engineering and Machine Learning.

Anika explained how they started Machine Learning and AI for Girls initiative a year ago to encourage middle/high school girls to learn Machine Learning and AI, the future technologies sweeping all facets of life. It was received with a lot of enthusiasm. In this workshop, students learn to use open databases to create models and do predictions.

Anika Cheerla

The team also started Electric bike making workshops, hands-on workshops where students build electric bikes from scratch and get to ride their bikes too. Similarly, a hands-on physics and Arduino workshops let students create LED lamps, working electric-circuits and so on.

Anika also developed an App, Coding is Good, to teach Python programming to kids. The app is free for everyone to download and is available in both Android and iPhone versions. It’s a fun way to learn to code during the summer.

Check out their website at for Summer/Fall workshops.