Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters and the media at Trump Towers following the conclusion of primaries Tuesday in northeastern states on April 26, in New York. Trump again gained more delegates to move him closer to the Republican presidential nomination. (Spencer Platt | Getty Images)

Controversial Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said, April 26, he would “love” to see a woman as president of the US but Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Clinton is “wrong person” for this top position, writes Lalit K. Jha. (@Siliconeer, #Siliconeer, #2016USPresidentialRace, #HillaryClinton, #DonaldTrump, #Trump, #WomanforUSPresident)

“I would love to see a woman president, but she is the wrong person,” Trump, 69, told “Fox and Friends.”

After three months of primary election season, political pundits now increasingly believe the November presidential election is headed for a clash between Trump and Clinton.

Though leading in delegate counts, the two are yet to gain enough delegates to be considered as a presumptive nominee.

This is also reflective in the two increasing their attacks against each other.

For the past two weeks, Trump has been describing the Democratic presidential front-runner as “crooked Hillary” to which the former Secretary of State has said would not drop so low to respond.

“I call her crooked Hillary because she is crooked. And, you know, the only thing she has got is the woman card. That is all she has got. And it is pandering. And you know, it is a weak card in her hand. And in another person’s hands it could be a very powerful card,” Trump said.

His remarks came in response to a question on Clinton’s statement a night before that if elected, 50% of her Cabinet would be women.

“I am going to have a cabinet that looks like America, and 50% of America is women, right?” Clinton, 68, said during a MSNBC town hall, April 25.

“I would have women. I would have the most capable people on my cabinet. But I would certainly have women. I would love to see a woman president but she is the wrong person. She is a disaster. Remember the famous call at 3 o’clock in the morning? She was sleeping, OK? She was sleeping. You know, it was her ad. Who would you like at 3 o’clock in the morning? Well, the phone rang and she was sleeping,” Trump said.

“She would be a terrible president. And the only thing she has got to play – she has got nothing else to play. She is guilty as hell in the e-mails. You have got Whitewater. Her whole life has been crooked.

“And you look at the foundation, the whole life. And the only card she has got is to play the woman card. And it may be good enough. Now a poll came out yesterday where I was essentially even with her and I have not focused on her yet,” Trump added.