ARIES (March 21 to April 20): Saturn will stay in the evil eighth house and will try to create problems in 2015. Jupiter’s aspect on Saturn will stay under complete control till July 15 and up to a great extent there after. The roadblocks that formed in 2014 will go away and you will move ahead in life especially in the first seven months of 2015. Accomplishments will be greater than expected and completely satisfying. There is a strong possibility of either serious upgrades to your existing home or the purchase of a beautiful new home by July 15. Jupiter’s transit in fifth will be very fortunate and will provide you the much-needed Midas touch. It is the good mahurat for those looking for an expansion in the family. This transit will be very favorable for students as it will help them get high grades. Otherwise also Jupiter’s aspect on ninth will help you to get all things big or small without any difficulty. Your mind will be relaxed as all worries about kids will subside, as they achieve their goals and get settled in their own way in life. Ketu in twelfth will bend your mind, add faith in religion and make you perform many good deeds. Rahu in sixth will help people appearing for any competitive exams clear it with flying colors. Money wise expect great prosperity in 2015. You may also travel overseas for pilgrimage. If you are able to control sugar consumption, you should be fine in 2015.


TAURUS (April 21 to May 20): Jupiter’s transit in third till July 15 will keep expenses to bare minimum and will give you the chance to accumulate money which will come handy in the second half of the year. Investment made in middle of the year will be lucky though you will need to spend time initially. Saturn’s transit in seventh will be lucky for career. All attempts will be successful and you will always meet your goals. As Saturn will transit seventh house and the zodiac sign Scorpio which is the sign of his bitter enemy Mars, you will have to be very careful in personal life and relationships because this Saturn will definitely have some negative impact on seventh house. It can cause temporary or permanent damage to relationships or will give health problems to spouse as aches, pains, minor accidents or spouse may have to undergo surgery, so watch out. As Saturn transits its own constellation Anuradha and later Jyestha, it will take you to new highs in career and bring big financial prosperity in life. Children will also do better in their respective lives. Some of you may also invest in property or buy gas stations this year.


GEMINI ( May 21 to June 20 ): Jupiter will continue to occupy house of finances till July 15 before moving to house of courage and communications. Saturn the ruler of house of luck will continue at evil sixth house for the whole of 2015. It should be another fruitful year by all means. Saturn in sixth will help you overcome all difficulties of past and help you do a lot better in your career. It will also bring many positive changes in career by moving you to a well-reputed establishment. You may also pass a big exam before July 15. You will be completely free of any previous ailments. This Saturn in sixth will also help you gain victory in ongoing legal matters. Some of you may also launch a project with products and enjoy an edge over the competition. Business will continue to do well but prosperity will be slow and steady. Jupiter in second will be expensive but money will only go on good reasons, mostly on immediate family members. You may be spending more money on kids’ education or on the marriage of one of them. You will have to have better control your emotions and let the past go if you want to move forward in life. There will be big fluctuations in finances, sometimes you will have in excess and sometimes on the edge. All you need to do is be careful when dealing with people with their name starting with letter “N.”


CANCER (June 21 to July 22): The year will start on a good note as Jupiter and Mars are in very helpful positions. You will continue to make positive changes in diet and try to live a very disciplined life in order to get back in shape. Results will astonish people. Saturn’s disturbances will stay under check till July 15 but once Jupiter moves into house of finances, one of your child may move away for educational purpose and you may have to share a lot of financial liability because of a glitch in financial aid. This is not going to cause any dents in your finances, just additional expense. There will be positive changes in your personality and Jupiter will make you wise and farsighted. You may launch a project in March with the help of some like-minded friend. Mind will deviate from religion to spirituality and Rahu will give you courage to make extraordinary moves in career and get out of a stale life. You will also loose some weight in first seven months. Time after July is very favorable for money matters. Your investments will start yielding profits and by the end of 2015, you will accumulate a lot of wealth. Project started now will last long and will be profitable. You may also buy a house near water.


LEO (July 23 to August 22): You will have to go through many tests in the first half of 2015 but once Jupiter enters first house, everything will come under control. Saturn’s transit in fourth is not favorable and you will need to be more careful with many things including close friends, automobiles and any old property. Commitments and some bad choices made in the past will make a hole in your pocket and money will hardly stay. Avoid buying any old property or vehicle this year or they will drain you out. People in business should avoid buying a run down business just because they want to avoid competition. Once Jupiter moves in first, it will give you the wisdom and maturity that sometimes things do not work the way we want. If you are looking for an addition in the family, the second half of 2015 is when the dream can come true. Children not doing well in the past will make a come back this year. Watch out for a above average tall and dark skinned person, he will be the root cause of troubles. You will be paying extra attention to your health in the second half of 2015 and may make a big change in diet. People working may be moved to another location or department against their will. People in consulting business will do slightly better this year. It will be better to seek advise from an old and trusted person from time to time.


VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): Saturn’s transit in third and Jupiter in house of gains are very favorable. You will make tremendous progress in life. Rahu in first will bring some changes in personality. You will become tough and execute all your plans successfully. New opportunities will keep knocking at your door one after the other. Some of you may accept a great opportunity and even move to another state by July. Saturn’s transit in third will also help you in litigation and a long pending appeal will get accepted making room for big progress in life. Bachelors will find the right match. All business trips will be successful. You may also attend a big seminar in April or May and make some very useful contacts. Expenses will stay under control and before the yearend you will accumulate a lot of wealth. Jupiter’s aspect on fifth as well as the ruler of fifth Saturn, can add another member in the family. Children will do a lot better this year. People prone to blood pressure should be careful. You may also travel overseas towards the end of 2015. Someone older and with gray hair will be very helpful. Just be careful when handling any tools or lifting weight as there is a slight chance of getting hurt in the arm this year.


LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): Saturn will transit second and favorable nakshastras throughout 2015. Jupiter will stay in house of career till July 15 before moving into house of gains. Jupiter will bring a big change in career. Additional pressure and unsatisfactory working conditions will make you look for better opportunity. Close friends doing well will be another factor. Saturn in second will help you locate the dream job. Some of you may start your own business before July 2015. Money wise you will be very lucky and any risk you take will turn into profits. You will make big money through couple of properties this year. Business will definitely multiply in first six months and the profit margin will improve. Some of you may also successfully make a bid on existing franchise already doing very well and take over in mid 2015. You will be going on a number of trips in second half and all trips will be financially rewarding. You will be associated with an older person who will be a great guide and teacher. Value of your assets will shoot up and some of you may move in a bigger home this summer. One of your kids, not doing so well in the past, will suddenly find direction and make a big comeback in life. There is a chance of money coming through legal channels in the month of July or August.


SCORPIO (October 23 to November 22): Saturn’s transit in first is troublesome. Jupiter will keep things in check from ninth till July 15 but you have to be very careful when taking any decisions in personal as well as professional life, this year. Saturn will need you to work extra hard to achieve your goals, big or small. Isolation from someone too close will be heart breaking. Try to maintain close relations with good people and attend all social events in order to stay away from negative energy. Jupiter’s presence in ninth is very helpful. Children will be a big source of happiness this year. This is the most favorable transit for people looking forward to have an addition in the family. There will be big change in the way you think. Mind will deviate from religion to spirituality. Once Jupiter moves in house of career in July, changes become imminent. Whether you make the right or wrong choice will be a big question as Saturn will try to create confusion and you may end up making the wrong choices. Do not ignore legal and health issues, pay quick attention in order to avert big complications. Money will come at a slow pace. You may have few chances to make money in some unorthodox ways, but may decide not to adopt that path. Only a female could be the root cause of troubles. Think twice before you take any big decision and the year can pass comfortably.


SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 22): Jupiter will stay in a negative house till July 15 before moving into house of luck for remainder of time. Saturn will transit twelfth house or the house of loss and expense. Try to stay away from unnecessary litigation, compromise if possible and do not purchase old property or vehicle this year and you will be fine. Rahu in tenth will make things difficult and it might be difficult for you to hit your professional goals in the first shot. If waiting for something from government, it will come with a delay. Time after July is very favorable. There will be major positive developments in career and once again you could reach new heights in life. Self-confidence and image will improve. You may be going on several long distance journeys this year. As far as the health is concerned, back may start to give some trouble. Western medications will not help but yoga and sleeping on hard bed will. The year may start will slow pace but from March and onwards you will accomplish a lot in life. You may also invest in a nice property or move to a bigger house this summer. Someone lot younger in age will be helpful this year. You will make a serious bid on a running franchise around June and may take over in September. You will be able to save a lot in second half of 2015. Some of you may join a short-term course to update your knowledge this summer. Little caution and this year can be useful.


CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19): Jupiter’s transit in eighth after July 15 will be better. This Jupiter can cause unnecessary delay for bachelors to find the right soul mate. Negotiations with like-minded people will go well in the beginning but misfire in the end for no valid reason. Spouse may continue to have health issues but nothing life threatening. Saturn’s transit in house of gains is very lucky as it will transit its own as well as Mercury nakshastra. People connected with hardware, oil, mines, mineral, land and properties will benefit a lot. If you initiated any litigation in the past year, chances are that it will be decided in your favor with large financial gains after July. People in business will find reliable associates. You may also purchase land but wait some time to construct on it. After July, planets will bring in large gains from distant lands and ongoing overseas projects. Couple of business trips after July will be turning point in career. Do not take any chance with a government agency and when on road. People already having franchise will expand and buy more locations. Saturn will be helpful if you are ready to be on the move for more than usual hours. You will be completely cured of an old issue with the help of a minor surgery. Religious activities will decline. Chance of addition of a new member in the family is very strong after July.


AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18): Saturn’s transit in house of career will be helpful. There is no escape from hard work, but the financial rewards will be better than expected. Businesses will expand with the opening of new locations and you will be on the move most of the time. Watch out for a person almost bald and short, they may create confusion in your mind. You will make more than one trip overseas, all for business. It will be a very good year for students, they will do lot better than expected. Money wise things will pick up all of a sudden after July as projects started in early part of the year will become profitable quickly. Someone will come up with some schemes to make money in some unorthodox ways, but you will be able to hold on to the temptation and decline his offer. Some of you may also initiate a lawsuit, not for financial gains, but just to prove your point in the first quarter of 2015. First few months will be very expensive but most of the money will be spend on family and a wedding in close family. Some of you may also get out of a partnership and start your own in the second half of 2015. There are strong indications of money through stocks in April. You will make important contacts in career as well as personal life. Help from people with political connections will be available when needed. Those waiting for many years to have an addition in the family will see their wish fulfilled around October 2015.


PISCES (February 19 to March 20): Jupiter’s presence in fifth and later in sixth is very favorable for career as compared to past several years. Saturn’s presence on the other hand in ninth is not bad either. Take advantage of this auspicious transit of Jupiter and do not waste time and go with full swing starting beginning of 2015. You will continue to do well in career and may have a very lucrative offer in February or March. Grab it and you will be content in time to come. This is going to be a great year for students. Some of you may receive short-term training and update your knowledge. This transit can also be a factor to add another member in the family. Bachelors will have to go through a rollercoaster ride but will ultimately settle with a person of their liking. Jupiter will gift you the wisdom to take important decisions with a rational mind. Your valuable advice will help many close friends this year and they will be really thankful. Saturn’s transit in ninth will make you more humble and eager to help those who are less fortunate. You will be doing something really good for your parents this year. Your image will improve and you will become more active in the society. Jupiter’s transit in sixth from July 15 will cause one more positive change in career in second half. You should eat more nutritious food and do some breathing exercises.