The author with Hillary Clinton at a fundraiser.

The majority of Indo Americans support Hillary Clinton. Based on recent surveys, the results show 70% of Indo Americans registered voters are democratic and are strongly behind Hillary Clinton. Only 7% support Trump, behind even the 8% respondents supporting other candidates, 10% who still don’t know who they will vote for and 8% who refused to answer, according to a new poll. These were the findings of the Fall 2016 National Asian American Survey released a few weeks ago, writes Ajay Jain Bhutoria. – @siliconeer #siliconeer #2016USPresidentialPolls #Trump #Hillary #HillaryClinton #DonaldTrump #TheDonald #3rdPresidentialDebate #BarackObama #WhiteHouse #Hillblazer #AjayJainBhutoria

Trump showed disrespect for Indians and has mocked Indian call center workers at an election rally earlier this year. “His Campaign is build on disrespecting women, immigrants , Muslims, disabled veterans. Trump has shown disrespect for groups across the spectrum. Trump has run a campaign of hatred and bigotry, and that is dangerous. On immigration, Trump has spoken about ending the H-1B high-skilled visa program of which Indians and Chinese are among the biggest beneficiaries.

Donald Trump built his campaign on demonizing immigrants and their families. We heard him loud and clear the first time. (And the second time, third time, fourth time.) Trump said, “You’re going to have a deportation force, and you’re going to do it humanely. I will immediately terminate President Obama’s illegal executive order on immigration. Immediately.

On immigration, Hillary believes that immigration is good for this country, by attracting talented people who build businesses and expand the economy. Each successive wave of migration has helped this country. Hillary Clinton has vowed to reduce the visa backlog. Applicants from the Asia-Pacific region make up about 40 percent of the family visa backlog. Some from the India have been waiting for a visa for 12-14 years under family category. Hillary has been strongly fighting for immigration reform. She focuses on family unification

Hillary Clinton has built strong relations with India when she was the first lady and later as secretary of state. No incoming U.S. president has had the level of interaction with India that Hillary has had. Her trip in 1995 helped paved the way years later for President Bill Clinton’s historic visit to India in 2000. Hillary has walked that extra mile for India. As U.S. Senator, Hillary Clinton was co-chair of the Senate India Caucus. And as U.S. Secretary of State she made multiple visits, during which she highlighted the need for India to “not just look east, but engage east and act east”—a mantra, Modi government subsequently adopted.

President Bill Clinton with the author, Ajay, and his family, at their Fremont, Calif., home earlier this year during a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, hosted by the Bhutorias.

President Bill Clinton with the author, Ajay, and his family, at their Fremont, Calif., home earlier this year during a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, hosted by the Bhutorias.

In her memoir “Hard Choices,” Hillary said a key aspect of U.S. policy during her stint as Secretary of State was bringing India “more fully into the Asian-Pacific political scene,” especially as a counterweight to China. During her much publicized visit to Chennai in 2011 she said “ much of the history of the 21st century will be written in Asia, which, in turn, will be influenced by the partnership between the U.S. and India and its relationship with neighbors.” As Secretary of State she has weighed in favor of India in rebalancing America’s foreign policy. There was close cooperation in high tech areas particularly in defense and space. India and the U.S. launched a ministerial-level strategic dialog in July 2009.

Indo-U.S. relations have become very strong and deepened under President Obama and Prime Minister Modi. There has been a significant growth in bilateral relationship at all levels: people to people, business to business, and government to government, between India and U.S. in last few Years. Prime minister Modi and President Obama have  taken proactive measures to build stronger relationship, which will only be strengthened and elevated under Hillary Clinton.

In last two years Prime Minister Modi met President Obama six times just in his first 24 months in office and visited the United States three times.

Interactions among other leaders in India and the United States have also picked up. Just over the past two years, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has met India’s Minister of Defense four times. Secretary of State John Kerry has visited India twice and met Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj several times. Several influential U.S. congressional committee members have also visited India and Senator Tim Kaine, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on South and Central Asian Affairs.

Many such high-level visits from the United States have since continued, engaging Indian policymakers and leaders at a steady pace. This trend has accelerated considerably since Obama’s visit to India, when he graced the Indian Republic Day celebrations as the Chief Guest. At a political level, it is clear that there have been significant improvements in the bilateral relationship.

Hillary Clinton has developed strong ties with India. “I am sure she will take it forward as president, as President Obama has done, continuing the strong U.S.-India ties.

Hillary Clinton believes that we are stronger together. America succeeds when we work together to solve our problems and when everyone shares in the rewards — when we build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. She believes that we’re stronger when we lift each other up so that everybody plays a role in creating America’s future.