Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes part in a mass yoga event on the 2nd International Day of Yoga at Capitol Complex in Chandigarh, Punjab, June 21. (Press Trust of India)

The Consulate General of India, San Francisco, organized the 2nd International Yoga Day (IYD) in San Francisco, June 18, at County Fair Building, Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco. – @Siliconeer #Siliconeer #IYD #Yoga #NAMO #narendramodi #InternationalYogaDay #CGISF #IshaFoundation #Brahmakumaris #ArtofLiving #SelfRealizationFellowship #PathtoAnandam #YogaSocietyofSanFrancisco #YogaAscentofNorthAmerica #YANA

The second International Yoga Day event was organized in association with several Yoga associations in San Francisco Bay Area including Isha Foundation, Brahmakumaris, Art of Living, Self Realization Fellowship, Path to Anandam, Yoga Society of San Francisco, Yoga Ascent of North America (YANA) etc.

According to a release by the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, inaugurating the event, Consul General Ambassador Venkatesan Ashok said, India is the birthplace of Yoga, and at present it is being practiced widely by people of many countries.

The program started with the screening of video messages by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj, followed by a common Yoga protocol. Subsequently, several sessions on different aspects of Yoga were held by the Yoga partners of the event.

The event was attended by around 1,500 yoga enthusiasts from San Francisco Bay Area and other places in California, which mainly included women and youngsters, who attended with much enthusiasm and interest.

This is just one of the innumerable events held worldwide to mark the International Yoga Day, an initiative of Prime Minister Modi.