In a unique initiative to empower seniors with computer skills, Delhi-based NGO Agewell Foundation has launched a new digital literacy program. – @Siliconeer #Siliconeer #AgewellFoundation #DigitalLiteracy #DigitalIndia #empoweringtheelderly

The initiative “Agewell Digital Literacy Programme for Older Persons” has been undertaken in view of the existing digital ignorance among older people who fail to catch up with the fast growing digital world, say organizers.

The NGO that works for the welfare of older persons across the country says, “The program has been designed to make old people computer literate, so that they can adjust themselves in the modern fast paced lifestyle and be connected with the world, even in their old age.”

The program is also likely to help many people above the age of 55 years, who have retired but are still capable and willing to work in obtaining jobs that could keep them gainfully engaged, active and healthy.

It also seeks to bridge the ever-widening generation gap and connecting people from various age groups online.

“This will increase social interactions of older persons and keep them active, healthy and happier in the long run,” organizers say.

To take the initiative forward, the NGO has set up free computer training centers at various clubs, RWAs and other public places across Delhi-NCR, where the elderly can take computer training under the guidance of experienced volunteers free of cost.

“Old People find themselves marginalized and isolated in today’s fast paced society. It will certainly help them in connecting themselves with the mainstream and keep them active, socially, physically and psychologically as well,” Himanshu Rath, Chairman, Agewell Foundation says.

The teaching schedules will be planned according to the convenience of the applicants, who can register for the classes with various training centers set up across the city.

The curriculum of the classes will include usage of basic computer application software like Microsoft Office, using the Internet for e-mails, browsing, online shopping and banking.

They will be introduced to the applications popular with the current generation like Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among other features.

In addition, they will also be trained on using other modern day gadgets like smart phones and iPads etc.