Kids dance at the India Republic Day celebrations, at Lake Elizabeth, Fremont, Calif., Feb. 6. (Vansh A. Gupta | Siliconeer)

Two organizations marked India’s Republic Day in Fremont and Saratoga, Calif. The event in Saratoga held Jan. 30 was organized by Festival of Globe (FOG). The Fremont event held at Lake Elizabeth Park, Feb. 6, was organized by Ajay Jain Bhutoria. A Siliconeer report. (#siliconeer, @siliconeer, #FOG, @FOG, #IndiaRepublicDay, @IndiaRepublicDay, #AjayJainBhutoria, @AjayJainBhutoria)


A joyous celebration of India’s 67th Republic Day was recently held in the heart of Silicon Valley, Saratoga, at the McAfee Center for Performing arts. The event was to bring together the diverse Indo-American population in the bay area and rejoice in the historical event. About a 1,000 people attended the event. Festival of Globe (FOG) and Federation of Indian-American Association (FIA) were the main organizers of the day.

On January 26, 1950, the constitution of India was adopted and it became a democratic nation, free from the British constituency. This was declared” Republic Day” in India and a national holiday that is celebrated yearly. The main event takes place in the capital of New Delhi, with the President of India honoring the Republic Day parade.

The local Saratoga, Calif., celebration was oriented to family and community, with Indian entertainment and more than 400 participants in songs, dances, arts, and debates that showcased the talent of the community. Patriotic speeches and the national anthem of India and USA were recited, to embody a sense of belonging to both nations.

The dances embodied the diversity of India- classical dances from the North and South and rocking Bollywood numbers. The costumes were resplendent and kept with the tradition of the dances.

The kid’s painting competition brought out examples of budding artists. The debate competition showcased the intelligence and rhetoric of the young participants.

Saratoga City Councilman Rishi Kumar, a keynote speaker, highlighted the opportunity to connect with the community at such events. Celebrity actress Kamalinee Mukherjee from India was a guest at the event, adding glamor and charm.

– Vasudha Badri-Paul


Fremont has always been the epicenter of Indian celebrations, be it Independence Day or Republic Day. Bhutoria has been celebrating Indian Republic Day in Fremont, Calif., for the last 10 years.

What started with a purpose to give kids and youth a platform to showcase their talent and build self confidence and social skills, has become a pivotal platform for promoting and preserving India’s rich culture and heritage, says Bhutoria.

Lunch for 2,500 people, and pizza, juice and water to over 800 kids was provided free of cost, says Bhutoria’s wife. The event had many attractions and with the weather cooperating, turned out to be a huge crowd-puller.

The event was attended by many local politicians of various offices, right from the mayor to the congressman.

Speaking on the occasion, Raj Bhutoria, a MSJHS student, urged the youngsters to join to bring change and help define and shape a better future for all.