Varun Dhawan in “Main Tera Hero.”

VARUN DHAWAN: ‘Poked’ by Censors
ABHAY DEOL: “I Would Like to Make a Dabangg as well as Dev D
PARINEETI CHOPRA: Reveals What’s Wrong
BIPASHA BASU: Creature to boast of Hollywood-class VFX

VARUN DHAWAN: ‘Poked’ by Censors

This is something no one could really see coming. A basic lingo in the world of social media has made the censor board see red. In the promo of Main Tera Hero, the word “poke” has now been replaced by “kidnap.”

“In a key scene from the film, Varun (Dhawan) plays naughty with Ileana D’Cruz and tells her he would continue to stalk her via BB, Skype and other media means. Then he concludes it all with “I Will Poke You.” Censors felt that the word “poke” gave a connotation of the four-letter word (of a different kind of course) in the way Varun mouthed it. Hence, it was suggested that a replacement came in. “Kidnap” was pronto used as a quick alternate since the makers had to race against time in order to be ready with theatrical promo that was coming along with Jai Ho,” informs a source.

An actor says on condition of anonymity, “Strange are the ways when it comes to Censors in India. So many really offensive things can pass by whereas something as funny and universally accepted social networking lingo like “poke” can make people see red. Anyway, there is no pointing fighting it out.”

It is unlikely though that those associated with Main Tera Hero are giving up. For now they are living with the replacement word in the theatrical promo. However, while on YouTube it is still a matter of “poke,” the makers are confident that there won’t be any change suggested when the censor certificate comes for the entire film.

Hopefully, they won’t be poked then!

ABHAY DEOL: “I would Like to Make a Dabangg as well as Dev D

Abhay Deol (c) and Preeti Desai (l) pose during the launch of “One By Two” directed by Devika Bhagat (r) in Mumbai.

One by Two, just hit the screens, isn’t a one-off production for Abhay Deol. The actor, who is in his tenth year of the acting career after making his debut with Socha Na Tha (2005), has already started working on taking his production to the next level. Though he is yet to decide whether his next film too would be featuring him as an actor, one thing that he is sure of is that as a producer, he won’t be restricting himself to the kind of films he has done as an actor.

“I am sure that I want to produce more films,” declares Abhay, “And no, every film of mine doesn’t have to be necessarily in the niche of say, a Dev D. For all that matters, I would make something on the lines of Dabangg as well. Why not?  After all, there is so much new talent out there, whether in terms of directors or actors. A lot of interesting work is there to be done.”

However when it comes to casting himself in each if his films, he is non-committal and wants to take a horses-for-courses approach.

“As a matter of fact I wasn’t there even in One by Two to begin with. It was Preeti (Desai) who was confirmed and while we were searching for actors who could step in for the male lead, it was finally decided that I would be the one playing that role too.”

This is the reason why he, unsure of his immediate next production, would feature him as an actor as well.

“Let’s see, as of now I am hearing scripts from other producers too. As of now I don’t have an intention to be there as a lead in my next film as a producer. Otherwise it would start seeming to people that I am acting and producing all my films. Let’s see how it goes. Never say never as it could well turn out to be on the contrary. However one thing is for sure that more films from me as a producer are definitely on the anvil,” declares Abhay.

For someone who has been carrying the ambition of turning producer for quite some time now, it doesn’t seem like an unfair call after all.

PARINEETI CHOPRA: Reveals What’s Wrong

Parineeti Chopra in “Hasee Toh Phasee.”

While not much has been written about the character that Parineeti Chopra is playing in this month’s release Hasee Toh Phasee, it has been hinted that she is playing a ‘mad scientist’ in the film. Though it was assumed that this madness may just be accounting to a little quirk that has been interspersed into her character, sources inform that there is a lot more into it than meets the eye.

Also, if one notes closely, Parineeti is playing around with her hands differently, she is all wide eyed without blinking while her tongue is out of her mouth at some key sequences. It is pretty visible that there are varied expressions that she is giving in the film, albeit in a subtle manner without making it appear all so explicit.

While glimpses of that is shown in the promos so far, a lot is still hidden as the makers wish to bring it all on fore once the film hits the screens.

Parineeti was obviously guarded in making any revelations. She said, “Well yes, there is something wrong in this girl’s head and she is a little mad. I had to play her out normal though even if she isn’t normal per se. Of course I can’t share much around the mental quirkiness bit before it is actually revealed on screen.”

We would look forward to see how that actually plays on screen.

BIPASHA BASU: Creature to boast of Hollywood-class VFX

Bipasha Basu

It is a known fact that Bipasha Basu’s Creature, the Vikram Bhatt-directed affair, is a VFX flick. In fact at the time of its announcement itself, it was said loud and clear that the genre as well as VFX in the film would be on the lines of Jurassic Park and Anaconda.

Now that the principle shooting is over and it is time for editing studios to take over, Vikram is actually working on living up to the promise.

In fact the film is so heavy on VFX that Bipasha had to practically shoot with no real objects around her, just the big green screen in the background, for company. However, considering Vikram’s experience of making three 3D films in the past – Haunted, Dangerous Ishq and Raaz 3, he was quite aware of the intricacies that lay ahead.

“This is the reason why he has allocated as good as six months just for the film’s post production,” the source adds, “To bring special effects that are comparable to the likes of Jurassic Park are indeed a big deal, especially when you are working on a relatively much miniscule budget. However Vikram has planned it all well. Yes, it is commendable to see what makers of Krrish 3 and Ra.One have done in the past. Now Vikram has to surpass that and bring on something far more exceptional with Bipasha Basu for company. He is not letting in breather of any sorts.”

No wonder, when we contacted Vikram, all he said was that since he was so neck deep down into the film’s post production and VFX, he would be sharing any further details and clippings from the film only around the release, possibly around May end.


Sonakshi Sinha, seen at a road safety awareness campaign, is turning seriously chic in 2014. In both her upcoming films, “Holiday” and “Action Jackson,” she would be seen wearing Western attire in an all new avatar.

She may not have announced this as a resolution of 2014 but she is working on it for sure. After being seen in suit-saree clad avatar in as many as four films – Lootera, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara, Bullett Raja and R… Rajkumar, Sonakshi Sinha is turning seriously chic in 2014.

In both her upcoming films, Holiday and Action Jackson, she would be seen wearing Western attire in an all new avatar.

“For starters, she is on a weight losing spree. Though she hasn’t quite reacted with words when it comes to criticism around her weight, she is letting her action speak. She isn’t allowing her Indian-ness quotient to go away since that’s her USP. However to be a tad slimmer and also experiment with wardrobe doesn’t harm and Sonakshi is giving it all a serious shot,” says a close associate of the actress.

The results have started showing in her recent appearances, where Sonakshi is looking different. However a whole hog is pretty much on the anvil with her upcoming films promising to present her in a different light before the audience.

“Well, I did wear Western outfits in Joker too but then people didn’t see that,” laughs Sonakshi, “However, since I am playing a city girl in both Holiday and Action Jackson, I am getting into that space now.”

Still, considering the fact that in the ten odd films that she has done so far there is a particular image that she gathered, isn’t she too looking at moving to the next level, as far as her stint with commercial films is concerned?

“Absolutely yes,” Sonakshi doesn’t beat around the bush, “When I did films like R… Rajkumar, Dabangg or Son of Sardaar, I connected with them. But then I also did a Lootera, so the range was always there. Now if I would be stepping into a different space, and hence the attire in Holiday and Action Jackson, there is something really interesting which is in the pipeline as well. That would further show how serious I am about experimenting. Once an announcement is made by the makers, which is expected pretty soon, you would know.”

We can’t wait!