Elveera Rebello

Elveera’s journey is unique, inspiring and clearly demonstrates her commitment to the advancement of women. Elveera’s path was challenging, but with every obstacle she grew in strength, confidence and her belief that her actions matter.  She is a brilliant leader, a visionary, a mentor, a powerful advocate and an incredible person whose success is anchored in her heart, life experience and the desire to be a role model for her two daughters.

Elveera is a mother of two beautiful girls, an honors graduate, a Senior Technology Leader and relentless advocate for women. Elveera attained her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science while in Mumbai. Upon completion, she decided she wanted to grow beyond geography and moved to the United States.  With only the promise of a job and a hotel room she moved. In a clear demonstration of strength, determination and confidence she made the move with no friends, no family and no support system.  Shortly after she arrived she pursued and earned a Masters Degree in Technology, an MBA and certificates from Harvard, Stanford, and Cambridge among other prestigious universities. A testament to Elveera’s perseverance is she completed her MBA with a 3.9 GPA while pregnant with first child.

Currently, Elveera works in technology for a Fortune 500 company. Elveera has progressed to a Sr. Leadership role with hundreds of resource reporting into her organization. One of her employees noted “She ensures in words and action that we all have a voice during team meetings, problem solving sessions, roadmap and strategic workshops”. Another employee noted; “Elveera is a dynamic, supportive, innovative IT leader who drives business objectives and goals while ensuring every team member feels included and valued”. Through her style of empowerment, engagement, vision and caring she successfully transformed a new struggling organization into a high performing, diverse and innovative team which is now a model for peer organizations. Further, her style of inclusion coupled with uniquely innovative strategies earned her the designation of “high talent” and one of only two leaders selected to be mentored by Executive Leadership.

One of the qualities that truly make Elveera stand out is her relentless advocacy for women. Recently, Elveera made a simple but incredibly revealing comment; “My goal is to be a role model for my daughters”. Further, she went on to say “I am a big proponent of mentoring and partnering with women (and men) leaders so we can collectively learn from each other and grow personally and professionally”.  Both comments are powerful examples of her core belief in engagement, advocacy, mentoring and by being a genuinely good person she will make a difference.

Elveera’s commitment to women advocacy and empowerment are most clearly demonstrated through her actions.  Here are just a few recent professional examples:

  • Actively mentoring multiple women in business and technology
  • Active member of the “Women’s Empowerment Mentor” program within a Fortune 500 company
  • Key note speaker for Tata Consulting Services (TCS) Women’s Empowerment Event: “PowerUp”
  • Key note speaker at the “San Francisco Women in Data Science Conference”
  • Panelist at the Cognizant Women Empowered Event: “Executives who view diversity and inclusion as a business imperative”
  • Participant at the Bay Area Women Leaders Mentoring Roundtable – “An Opportunity to Lead. Mentor. Inspire.”
  • Panelist at Bay Area International Women’s Day celebration: “Promoting Gender Equality and Integrity”

In addition, Elveera is passionate about multiple causes for which she commits significant personal time.  A few examples include:

  • Vibha – Volunteer driven non-profit organization dedicated to creating brighter futures for underprivileged children
  • Pratham USA – Provides education to children in Mumbai slums, Pratham (which means “first” in Sanskrit)
  • Youth Mentor at Divine Savior
  • Volunteer at Bright Horizons with children

In summary, Elveera truly embodies the qualities deserving of a Women’s Empowerment Award.  As an honors student, a professional, a mother and as a woman Elveera has overcome every obstacle while selflessly advocating for and mentoring others.  She is a brilliant, innovative leader, selfless teammate and a powerful advocate for women.  Through her innovative strategies, sustained success, selfless approach and relentless advocacy for women, Elveera is truly the role model her daughters deserve.