MMNA SW kids singing “Ram ji ki Leela Hai Nyaari.”

The #Maheshwari community in Houston, Texas, recently celebrated Diwali and Camping. (Culture, #MMNA, #Siliconeer, @Siliconeer)

Camping: MMNA-SW camp, held in Montgomery, Texas, where various activities on Janamashtami are celebrated with bhajans and dandiya. Family sports and entertaining games like “Dahi Handi” to mark Krishna’s childhood passion of “Makhan Chor” are just some of the exciting highlights. There is a rain dance, and  art and craft activities organized for kids fun.

University of Houston president and Chancellor Renu Khator conducted session about how being on the board of Dallas Bank along with other board members they keep an ‘open-minded team spirit’ and leadership for solving problems and adding value to the organization.

Arun Mundra conducted a session on international help. He shared examples like Nepal earthquake relief efforts that he helped coordinate to explain the importance of adding social values to one’s life.

Kids performed “Ram Leela” at last year’s MMNA SW Diwali celebrations.

Kids performed “Ram Leela” at last year’s MMNA SW Diwali celebrations.

The evening progressed with entertaining cultural programs. Kids of MMNA-SW chapter members performed dance, singing and acting.  Later Rajesh Lahoti took the stage with karaoke singing and there was a campfire party with corn and marshmallow. The evening ended with the screening of super-hit movies. People of all ages were overwhelmed with enjoyment and fun as the organizing committee of Arun, Sanjay, Sangita, Srikanth, Rajesh Lahoti, Deepali, Vivek, and Ronak thanked everyone.

Diwali: At the ‘Unity in Diversity’-themed Diwali event all the attendees of the event were welcomed with a traditional ‘tilak’ on their forehead. There was a Rangoli (by Limca world record holder Sangita Bhagwan Bhutada) and Diya competition (by Dipti Sanjay Biyani) to spead the brightness and message of Diwali. The event was a success with participants showing their creativity to the core.

The celebrations started with the traditional Laxmi Pooja. The evening also had a cultural program, initiated by a Ganesh Vandana followed by dance, singing and drama. The mini India feeling developed as people attended the event dressed in various regional attire from different parts of India. Kids had a feast, and were showered with gifts to mark Diwali and also told about the significance of the festival.