Sandra Bland, in a booking photo taken following her controversial arrest (–)

Washington (AFP) – A newly-released video of the controversial arrest of a black woman who was found hanged in a Texas jail cell three days later has revived calls for a fresh investigation into her death.

The family of Sandra Bland, 28, was awarded $1.9 million in a wrongful death settlement following her 2015 arrest.

Bland’s death, officially classified as a suicide, came at a period of tensions in the United States over the high-profile police killings of African Americans.

The 39-second video of Bland’s arrest was obtained by the Investigative Network and aired by Dallas TV station WFAA.

It was taken by Bland herself on her cellphone.

It shows state trooper Brian Encinia angrily telling her to get out of her car, pointing a taser at her and saying “I will light you up. Get out. Now.”

“Why am I being apprehended?” she asks.

“Wow,” she says as she gets out of the vehicle. “This is for a failure to signal? You’re doing all this for a failure to signal?”

Other videos of the arrest, including one from the dashcam on Encinia’s car, have been released previously.

Bland’s death was ruled a suicide but her family has rejected that explanation.

Bland, who was active in the “Black Lives Matter” movement, had just moved to Texas to start a new job.

Encinia, the state trooper, was indicted for perjury but the case was dropped after he promised never to work in law enforcement again.

Along with members of Bland’s family, two 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls called for a fresh investigation of the case.

“Immediately re-open the investigation into Sandra Bland’s arrest and death,” said former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke. “There must be full accountability and justice.”

“The recently released video Sandra Bland took of her own arrest provides the latest example of a police justification for the death of an unarmed black person being revealed as a flat out lie,” said former San Antonio mayor Julian Castro.

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