Regulating Big Tech: Tougher Enforcement of Privacy and Data Protection
The newly installed U.S. Congress is expected to see a fresh effort to develop new regulations for big technology firms, with a focus on tougher enforcement of privacy and data protection. The wave of data scandals that have hit Facebook and other online platforms has prompted growing calls for action by lawmakers looking to curb abuses of how private information is used and give consumers more clarity. 4
Hasina’s Victory Comforts New Delhi: India Gains from a Solid Bangladesh
Amidst changes in governments in all South Asian neighbors of India, Bangladesh is the only one that has opted to repeat the ruling political coalition, with its citizens according Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladesh Awami League-led political dispensation an astounding mandate of 288 out of 300 seats in the recently held general elections to the ‘Jatiya Sangsad’ or Parliament, writes Priyanka Bhardwaj. 16
Harnessing Pain Management: The Opioid Saga
After decades of liberal prescribing of opioids and different levels of care – as Shakespeare would have said – “the dye was cast.” Trying to forcefully undo the dye is simply not the way the recent opioid scare will work, writes Dr. Firdos Sheikh. 18
This reveals the authorities’ lack of appreciation of ecosystem services, including air pollution removal, carbon sequestration, cooling air temperatures and providing aesthetic beauty to the urban landscape, rendered by trees, plants and forests, and their close association with the air quality.
The overall health impacts of green environments that include avoidance of dozens of incidences of human mortality and acute respiratory symptoms cannot be overemphasized.
Last year in South Delhi, almost 17,000 mature trees were uprooted to make way for commercial complexes and adjacent Gurugram witnessed an axing of 15,000 trees besides 2,000 more that were felled.
Bad Air, Bad Economy, 6
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