Salman Khan

Mumbai (IANS) – Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, whose and quot;Bharat and quot; has minted over Rs 150 crore at the Indian box office, says he gets scared when film critics praise his work as most of the time he gets validation of his work only from his fans who contribute to his movies and #39; collections.

In an interaction with the media here, Salman said: and quot;I get scared when critics praise my work because usually their thinking does not match with mine or that of my audience. So I wonder why are they giving stars to my film and writing good things about my work? and quot;

and quot;Having said that, in recent times, the kind of films that I have done, I did those because I loved those stories. Also when I do a film, I have a few parameters… I want people to come to the theatre, forget their worries and when they leave the theatre, become happy, with a sense of heroism, or become a better human being… at least (have) the thought of (being) a better human being. and quot;

and quot;Even if I want to give a message through a film, it should come between the lineS, and not like a preachy long lecture…then that is going to be so boring. There and #39;s no fun and entertainment there, and quot; added the actor, who had earlier received praise from critics for his performance in films like and quot;Bajrangi Bhaijaan and quot; and and quot;Sultan and quot;.

Who is his biggest critic?

and quot;My father is the greatest critic of my work. So he said, and lsquo;Ab bhul jao, so jao… picture bahut badi hit hai (Now forget about it, go to sleep… the film is a hit) and #39; but that is it, he will not come and praise my performance in front of me. I never get a chance to hear any compliment from him. Very rarely, he says, and lsquo;Achha kaam kia (you and #39;ve done well) and #39;. Nothing more than that, and quot; shared the son of iconic screenplay writer Salim Khan, who co-wrote several successful films including and quot;Sholay and quot; and and quot;Deewar and quot; with Javed Akhtar.

After experiencing highs and lows in a career spanning over 25 years, Salman says scoring success continues to be of importance to him.

and quot;The success of every film is very important for me, really. and lsquo;Bharat and #39; is one film that we have given our life for…it happens with all my other films too. I believed in the film… I am really happy right now that fans are liking the film and I really appreciate that. Actually, they liked everyone and #39;s performance in the film…it and #39;s great. and quot;

Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, the film and #39;s story begins in 1947 and traces the journey of a man. Salman sports six different looks ranging from a young circus champion to a 60-year-old man.

He says there were several scenes in the film that made him emotional while performing them.

Salman does not indulge in method acting. Sharing how he prepares himself before any emotional scene, he said: and quot;If I do not feel a scene, if I do not get the emotion right, I cannot fake it and make the other person feel the same emotion.

and quot;So if the scene is not relatable for me, I will sit down with the writer and director for a discussion, we will try and improve the scene so that I convince myself. But listen, that is the quality of a bad actor that I have.

and quot;If you give any scene, even if that is the most ridiculous scene to an actor like (Amitabh) Bachchan saab or Yusuf saab (Dilip Kumar), they literally own the scene and make it look convincing. They can get the right amount of emotion, comedy or anything from even a bad scene. But for me, I really have to work on these things, and quot; replied Salman.

Known as their favourite and lsquo;Bhaijaan and #39; among his fans who has a daredevil image, the actor said even he has his share of fears, but he believes in dealing with them from the front.

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