In a recent demo session in India, fourteen children demonstrated their skills to the author

The National Institute for Drug Abuse estimates that in 2013, an estimated 24.6 million Americans 12 or older (9.4 percent of the population) had used an illicit drug in the previous month. The author served on a grand jury not long ago and the vast majority of the cases heard were drug-related. According to the NIDA data, the highest number of drug addicts is in the 18 – 20 years of age.

Current approaches appear to be attempting to tackle the problem after it had already occurred but there is a novel approach to train children so that they will be less apt to fall prey to drugs in adulthood.

Yogic processes can awaken the children’s intuitive power and raise their internal excellence in about seven days. One outcome indicative of the awakening is the ability to perform certain tasks, blind-folded and this can be tested.

Kids find a hidden key under a rug during the demo

In a recent demo session in India, fourteen children demonstrated their skills to the author. They included identifying colors, reading and writing, filling in with crayons identical colors on adjacent pictures, finding hidden objects, speed-reading, and riding a cycle and a motor cycle. The entire program was photographed and videotaped.

Additional significant benefits of the program include: (1) Improved concentration, (2) Confidence, (3) Memory, (4) Academic performance, (5) Power of understanding, (6) Attitude towards parents, (6) Self-motivation, and (7) Reduced cell-phone and TV use. Parents enthusiastically corroborated these benefits. One told the author, their younger son too will shortly enroll in the program.

Kids engage in a color identification activity during the demo.

The seven benefits cited are significant enough to embrace the program, independent of how many children stay away from illicit drugs in adulthood. Reason suggests that many will. If the training begins in the seventh/eighth grade, high schools will know the extent of improvement by the time they graduate in a short span of four or five years. Many high schools are reportedly confronted by the drug menace and must be keeping meticulous records.

The group behind the demo

Intuition and internal excellence are intricately linked. The program raises the internal excellence of the children and the yogic practices are interesting enough that the children are apt to spend time on them regularly. These children are also more likely to be better human beings in adulthood. Thus, the program also holds promise to making America and India great again and that will be good for the entire world.